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musicuploadtorrentfilesporndownloadwhasthebestdownloader Author of this blog is Avinash Utekar.If you have any suggestions / complaints about this post, then contact Avinash @ for the ‘Unsourced’ Category President Obama will hold the first “telepresence” meeting with the American public on Tuesday, March 2, 2009. This will be an unprecedented event which will be viewed by millions of people around the world. Obama will be presenting in person a plan to raise taxes on the middle class. And it is no small plan. Here is a quote from the New York Times’ article: “…the White House is also expected to discuss whether to raise income taxes on Americans making $250,000 a year or more, as well as expand a mortgage tax break to include home sales.” It is essential to understand that the President is proposing a radical change in taxes, which are never discussed in the mainstream media. But this is not something the average American can understand. What I think is going on is this. Obama has been under tremendous pressure from the big financial donors to raise the tax on “the rich.” This is a dirty trick which has been used by every administration for the past three decades. It is used by Democrats and Republicans alike. The “richest” people do not pay taxes. The majority of the wealthy (billionaires) are tax evaders. The country is run by a small group of wealthy, connected, political, media and academic elites who make up the 1%. They are the controllers of this country. Through their control of the economy, politics and the media, they are able to shape public opinion in order to enact changes in our society. For example, under the guise of “limiting taxes,” the media and politicians have created a culture where people blame everyone else for their problems. This is just the way they need it to be. This makes it easier for them to focus on the “poor” and “deserving” people who are “struggling” to find a job. They use other reasons, including discrimination, for other problems. They are always looking for somebody to blame for all the ills of society. And they don’




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